Rise. Personal nutrition coaching made affordable.

When I got back from Oxford, I was looking for two things. First, I wanted to join a mission-driven company, to work for a cause I believe in. Second, I wanted the opportunity to learn a lot, and quickly. Which really means I wanted to work with great people.

I’m very fortunate to have found both. Nearly eight months since joining Rise, I’ve seen our team grow, our product launch, and most importantly, I’ve seen our members begin to reach their goals.

What is Rise?

Health, nutrition, and weight loss are very personal things. These are humanproblems, and we’re using the expertise and empathy of real people to solve them. Diets will come and go, but we believe that working with a real, expert nutritionist is the most effective way to achieve sustainable, long-lasting health goals.

This insight itself isn’t revolutionary. Registered dietitians and health coaches have been helping their clients lose weight and be healthier for years. But working with a nutritionist was expensive. Most nutrition coaches charge between $150 and $300 per month, putting their service out of reach for most people who need it.

Rise delivers personal, one-on-one nutrition coaching from these same experts for a fraction of the cost. We’ve built a platform that enables our clients to develop meaningful relationships with their coaches through technology. The core interaction is simple: members take pictures of their meals and receive timely, insightful feedback from their coaches. We’ve found that the consistent feedback our coaches provide reinforces the small habits that lead to lasting change.

Over time, we’ll be adding features to make the experience even richer for both members and coaches. We recently released the first of those features, a dedicated messaging tab for extended, one-on-one conversations with your coach—it’s almost like having a nutritionist in your pocket.

In the months since our launch, feedback from members has been incredible. We’re hearing stories of meaningful lifestyle change and real results. It’s what makes it all worth it.

Where are we now?

Rise launched in February. After selling out of coaching availability in just days, we’ve recently reopened our service to new members. It’s an exciting time for Rise as we continue to grow the number of members and coaches on the platform.